Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sara Bradley!

I know you are all so proud of me... I forgot how to upload more than one photo at a time so i just uploaded a couple! Here is our 4d picture of Sara Bradley... everyone thinks she looks just like Carter!

I'm back...

Surprise! I decided to take a few minutes to update the past 6 months of my life :) I guess I never update because I feel like nothing interresting enough is going on... just a pregnant mom chasing a 2 year old precious boy and taking care of and picking up after a daddy that always hunts!

We will welcome Sara Bradley to the world on Monday... yay! We have to be there at 5:30 a.m. and i'm not looking forward to waking up so early! The sacrifices us moms make!!! We are so excited to finally meet her! I'm not exactly sure how Carter is going to take not being the center of attention... he has it all right now! I hope that he adjusts well... i'm really worried about it. He's so attached to his mommy right now so I sure hope Brad is ready for all the work he's going to have to do with Sara Bradley!

Other than being pregnant and doing the normal day to day activities nothing else is really going on... I've finished all my christmas shopping and wrapped all my gifts, i've got the hospital bag packed and carseat installed in my car, Christmas decorations have been up for a week, i've bought groceries for dinner for the next 2 weeks, i've taken care of all my "duties" at work, bought my "angel tree kid" all of his gifts and have them delivered them to the church... by the way that is one tradition that Brad and I have done since we got married and I highly recommend doing it! Our church puts together a Christmas Tree and hangs angels on it giving a description of a child in our community that basically doesn't have much... parents fill out applications to be a part of this program so it really is kids that don't get anything for Christmas... last year we did a family of 3 and i wanted to do that again this year but i got to the tree a little late and only got one child (3 year old male) It makes me so sad to think there are kids that for one don't know the meaning behind Christmas and two that don't get any gifts! The child that we got... the parents put on their "application" that he needs socks, underware and a wintercoat. How sad... of course we bought all of those and so much more! I just wish i could be a fly on the wall to see that little boys reaction come Christmas morning! It really makes me appreciate what little i do have! I seriously recommend for everyone to do something like this! We also have participated in the Operation Christmas Child Program the past 2 years! I had never heard of it before until my friend Erica told me about it... she does it each year in memory of her dad... so we now do it each year for her! You feel up a shoebox with stuff for a little boy or girl and it is deliever to a child in need somewhere in the world... once it's delivered i will get an email telling me where it went... i'm so excited to find out! This year she collected 55 shoeboxes... that will make 55 children very excited!

Time to get back to work... I'll try and do better about updating! Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas if i don't make another post before then! Much Love!